Effortlessly fund your crypto assets and borrow stable coins with Blombard. Custom interest rate, trustable platform, and full automatic stracture make it the perfect tool for crypto currencies traders and holders.

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Hold your crypto, Borrow stablecoin

Hold crypto assets, Borrow stable coins for trading needs!

+200 Crypto coins are supported!

Hold your own cryoto assets on Blombard and borrow stable coins with custom interest rate for your trades.

Earn with Lending

Lend your stable coins on Blombard and earn money at custom interest rates.

Custom Rates

You can supply your crypto and lend with custom interest rates.

Better alternative to future trades

There is no liquidity risk or money loss. You can hold your crypto and earn interest both together in Blombard.

Almost all popular crypto assets are supported!

You can hold your own crypto assets, and borrow stablecoins for your trading needs.

About Blombard

All-in-one lending platform. Designed for both category of customers, suppliers and borrowers. In the Blombard you can hold your crypto assets and borrow stable coins. Also, you can supply your stablecoins and earn with custom interest rates.

How Blombard works?

There is two needings in lending platforms. Supplying and borrowing. We provide both of them to the customers.

What is the interest rate?

In the Blombard the interest rates are custom and users will enter interest rates themselves.

Why should use BLombard?

It doesn't matter if you are a crypto trader or holder. You can use Blombard. For holders, there is borrowing service that you hold your assets and get stable coins for you trades. For traders, you can supply your stablecoins and earn with custom interest rates.

How to earn more?

Earning in Blombard is totaly simple, hold crypto, borrow stablecoin, supply stable coin and earn with custom rates!

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